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“It’s Complicated…”

An Affair in Nantucket


Chapter 1


         “Mmm,” uttered Siobhán Quinn, reacting to the photo of the beach-front mansion on her pearl iPhone. Sipping a gin and tonic at Galley Beach, one of the most scenic and pricey bars on Nantucket, her thumb scrolled to another photo. Wicker chairs and billowing white canopies just steps from the water made the “Beach” a ‘be-seen’ venue for anyone who had passed the ‘two-comma’ mark in annual income. She reacted to another property photo. “Interesting.”


         After showing homes all day, she leaned back and stretched out her slender five-foot-nine frame. Smothering her bare feet in the warm sand, she cast her blue eyes toward a handsome well-tanned middle-aged man in a sailor’s blue shirt. Wearing wrinkled shirts right out of the dryer was comme il faut for this laid back venue--for most of the island, in fact.


         “Go on.” She took another sip, rattling the ice as she flipped through the photos with her thumb.

         Zoe Sawyer, her assistant rattled off more details. “Fourteen rooms, eight bedrooms, six baths, seven thousand square feet. Built in 1890 on a quarter acre. Sweeping harbor views from almost every room.

         “Where?” Location was everything in real estate, especially in Nantucket.

         “Easton Street. Near Brant Point.”

         Siobhán sat up, took her eyes off handsome blue shirt and returned to her iPhone. Brant Point was one of the most sought-after locations on the entire island. A sale there would further elevate her reputation as the queen of Nantucket among her peers. 

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